In June this year (2024), students of the Master’s Degree Programme in Digital Entertainment Business in Amsterdam will partake in an Experiential Week offered by industry leader Fremantle. The Experiential Week will be aimed at applying theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios in the entertainment industry.

Fremantle is a world leader in creating, producing and distributing content across entertainment, drama, film and documentaries.


Led by Professor Joris Ebbers, the upcoming week-long programme will focus on providing students with practical insights into the complexities of digital transformation in entertainment industries. The event will start with a crash course on Fremantle’s strategy, followed by a series of workshops covering various aspects such as development, sales, dealmaking, and strategy, each to be facilitated by Fremantle experts.

Students will then be divided into teams and tasked with developing new business models for content Intellectual Property (IP) companies. Guided by Professor Ebbers and supported by Fremantle professionals, students will spend several days at Fremantle’s office in Amsterdam, working intensively on their projects. Fremantle will provide invaluable access to expertise, information, and data, with professionals allocated to each team.

Using tools like the Business Model Canvas (BMC), students will apply their knowledge gained from classroom courses such as Strategy in Entertainment Industries, Marketing in Entertainment Industries, Performance Measurement, and others. The focus will be on key areas like strategy, marketing, and finance, enabling students to grasp the relevance of theoretical concepts in practical settings.


The weeklong “hackathon” will culminate with a pitch, in which student teams will present their ideas to a jury of Fremantle professionals. The assessment will be based on the logical coherence of their proposals within the BMC framework, encouraging students to be creative in their solutions. While there will be no grades, students will have the opportunity to showcase their skills and ideas to industry experts.

Additionally, Fremantle will offer internships to the best-performing students, providing a direct pathway to gaining valuable industry experience.

Overall, the Experiential Week in Digital Entertainment Business promises to be an enriching and invaluable experience for students, offering a glimpse into the real-world challenges and opportunities within the digital entertainment industry. Through hands-on projects and collaboration with industry professionals, students will gain practical insights and skills that will serve them well in their future careers.


The Major in Digital Entertainment Business empowers you with the expertise and vision to become a leader in this dynamic industry.

This is a multi-hub programme that will take you to two different countries in one year: the first semester will take place in Amsterdam (NL) and the second semester in Rome (IT). These vibrant cities bring together a rich blend of cultural heritagetechnological innovation, and a burgeoning digital landscape.

This programme is for you if you are passionate about the (digital) entertainment industry and motivated to develop the business skills to thrive in this line of work.