Luiss Business School understands that organizations have unique needs, and our Custom Executive Education is here to meet and anticipate those needs. We offer tailored content and formats that support the growth and transformation of businesses. Our approach combines three key methods: research-based, experience-based, and problem-based.

In the research-based method, our faculty members are experts in their respective research areas and actively contribute to advancing knowledge. This ensures that our programs are based on the latest insights and cutting-edge ideas.

With the experience-based method, we bring in top executives and consultants who teach topics directly related to their professional activities. This real-world expertise adds invaluable insights and practical perspectives to our programs.

Furthermore, our problem-based approach involves participants engaging in projects and laboratory work, where they tackle real-world management problems. This hands-on experience enhances their skills and prepares them for the challenges they may face in their careers.

We pride ourselves on designing custom programs that provide an effective learning experience tailored to the culture and development needs of each corporate client. By understanding the specific requirements and goals of our clients, we create programs that deliver impactful results.


Wherever you and your team are in your development journey, our Custom Executive Education solutions will accelerate your trajectory to meeting your needs.

FUNCTIONAL PROGRAMS – Customized programs designed to address specific organizational requests. These novel programs are tailored to each client’s unique needs, including duration, content, and teaching methods.

TALENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS – Geared towards young, high-performing employees, these programs provide in-depth understanding of the company’s business and market dynamics. Participants are encouraged to apply newly acquired concepts and tools to real challenges proposed by senior managers. Faculty-supervised field projects promote teamwork and offer guidance throughout the process.

TECHNICAL EXECUTIVE COACHING – Valuable during periods of changing context, both within or outside a company, this coaching involves a series of 10-12 meetings, typically lasting 2-3 hours each. The duration can be adjusted to meet specific needs.

INTERNAL CORPORATE CATALOG – Co-designed with the client, these short-term programs meet HR needs for employee education and professional growth. They focus on developing job skills, soft skills, cross competencies, and basic tools.

CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS – As a Registered Education Provider of the Project Management Institute (PMI), Luiss Business School offers customized programs to prepare participants for a PMI certificate. Leveraging our extensive expertise in project management, we provide comprehensive training tailored to individual needs.

WORKSHOPS – Organized by the CP&C Unit, our workshops cater to managers and senior managers, featuring one-day meetings with a large audience. The events include conferences followed by smaller workshops focused on specific topics.

CORPORATE ACADEMY SUPPORT – We assist partners in developing corporate academies to enhance internal skills and competencies. These programs utilize the “train the trainer” approach to ensure effective knowledge transfer.


We pride ourselves on designing custom programs that provide an effective learning experience tailored to the culture and development needs of each corporate client. By understanding the specific requirements and goals of our clients, we create programs that deliver impactful results.

Key features of our Custom Executive Education programmes at Luiss Business School include:

  • Executives can step away from their daily activities and immerse themselves in skill development.
  • Corporate clients have the opportunity to monitor the effectiveness of the entire learning experience.
  • We provide 360° assistance for client organizations with customized training paths, coaching activities, consulting projects, and integrated case studies to support growth and transformation.

Our faculty consists of experts with extensive expertise in adult learning, teaching methods, and the design, management, and control of customized programs.


Over the years of offering custom executive training, various formats have been developed to meet fundamental corporate companies’ objectives, and help them cater to different learning needs.

CORE PROGRAM – Tailored training courses developed in partnership with your organization, blending scientific methods and business practices. Our innovative “blended” teaching approach combines live and experiential learning techniques for an effective and engaging experience.

EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM (EMP) – An extensive managerial program that enhances participants’ strategic vision and develops essential skills, knowledge, and tools to elevate their professional profile. This comprehensive path fosters self-awareness and empowers participants to guide their own growth and that of their colleagues.

FLEX PROGRAM – Ideal for strengthening “key” skills for middle and top corporate management, the Flex Program utilizes asynchronous digital modules, integrated industry verticalizations, and flexible “live” moments (in-person or virtual) within an engaging framework.

EXPERIENCE PROGRAM – Maximize training impact with a highly experiential approach, engaging participants in interactive teaching methods such as laboratories, simulations, and business cases. Develop and enhance operational skills for participants.

COACHING & INDIVIDUAL TRAINING – Embark on a transformative journey of personal development through our coaching and individual training programs. Empowering and inspiring participants to reach their fullest potential, we offer tailored training services for top managers seeking “boutique” services.