This interview was taken on January 24, 2024 at the Luiss Business School Amsterdam Hub. Margherita Betti is currently enrolled in the multi-hub Major in Fashion and Luxury Business, with split terms between Amsterdam and Milan.

Why did you choose this master programme from Luiss Business School?

Margherita: The Master in Fashion and Luxury Business was a well thought of choice for me. I had finished my bachelor studies in business, with a heavy focus on economics and finance. After spending these last years of my education immersed in economics, I realized that my interest goes out more to the management and leadership side than the finance and economics part. And fashion has always been a passion of mine, attracting me for the marketing and business side of it more than the creative/design side. The master at Luiss Business School had it all. Still building on my business acumen, but in a more general way. And with a focus on fashion and luxury business management.

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Have your expectations been met during this first semester?

Margherita: Yes. It was not easy, but after having gone through it, I am very grateful and happy for the experience. We have been offered access to some unbelievable opportunities through company visits (like Philips, and House of Denim), guest speakers and professors of practice. Projects felt like a pressure cooker, where we had to go from problem definition to solution and to pitch, sometimes all in one hour. Also, the Amsterdam Hub – the school building, the staff, the diversity and inclusivity, all contributed to the experience I expected from studying with Luiss Business School.

What was/where the highlight/s of your experience at Luiss Business School Amsterdam?

Margherita: There were so many – too many to mention. I enjoyed the company visits, the one at Philips in particular, and meeting some of their top professionals. I also really enjoyed the Employability Lab with the Elina Hyravinen, former Country Visual Manager at H&M. The stories she shared with us, from her own professional experience were enriching. I now have a better view of the kind of leader I want to be in the future.

In which area of personal development did you experience growth or change, and what has contributed to it?

Margherita: This first semester in Amsterdam has pushed me to grow in many ways. I came from a quite uniform background, with like-minded economists that matched well in our approach and capacities. With this master programme I suddenly landed in a class of very diverse students with different cultural background and origins, but also with different educational backgrounds and specialities. I learned how to adapt and collaborate with people that are different from me, and how to use my soft skills to get the best results and to create connections.

How has life been for you as a student in Amsterdam/the Netherlands? What did you enjoy most/least?

Margherita: I come from a small village in Italy, living with my parents. Moving to Amsterdam and living on my own for the first time was an amazing experience. I enjoyed the feeling of independence and proved to myself that I can do anything. I biked everywhere, I got a part-time job in a little bakery downtown, I met incredible people and made friends for life. Many of them will stay in touch and come visit me in Milan later this year. What have I enjoyed less? The rain. Although it is not as bad as they advertise. You get used to it.

Any words of advice for the new generations of students coming here after you?

Margherita: To the ones following in my footsteps, I would say: enjoy the little things, because time flies. The programme is hard work, but you can always make time to explore the city, make friends, get a side job. Live like a Dutch. Do it. Oh, and look for accommodation as soon as you decide to move here – it is not easy to find.

You will soon move to Milan for the second half of the programme. What are your thoughts or expectations around that?

Margherita: Well, in Amsterdam the focus was very much on the business models and management part of the industry. Going to Milan, I expect that we will take a deep dive into the creative side and get exposed to great fashion and luxury opportunities, such as Milan’s Fashion Week and the many designer houses from Italy. Looking forward to it!

Where do you picture yourself 5 years from now?

Margherita: I don’t really have a specific goal, but I see myself living independently and sustaining myself completely. I am really open to moving abroad for the best opportunities. Maybe Amsterdam, Paris or London. Who knows. Further, I feel like the big corporate environment is a good fit for me. I loved the culture and overall approach that I encountered in our visit at Philips.

In closing, NEW ——– STARTS WITH YOU: can you think of a keyword that fits in the sentence and tell us a bit about why that word is important to you and how you plan to manifest it into existence?

Margherita: AMBITION. I am bursting of it. And it is my driving force to push myself further every day. New, because it is more than just about me now, I’ve learned. It is about all of us, and how we influence each other and the world in our pursuits.

Thank you, Margherita, and good luck in Milan and beyond!


In the dynamic realm of fashion and luxury, the Major in Fashion and Luxury Business empowers you with the comprehensive business expertise to navigate the intricacies of this captivating industry, from legislation to business models and everything in between.

This is a multi-hub programme that will take you to two different countries in one year: the first semester will take place in Amsterdam and the second semester in Milan. Amsterdam and Milan are undisputed fashion capitals with distinct contributions to the global fashion scene. Amsterdam is celebrated for its avant-garde and sustainable designs, while Milan is renowned for its craftsmanship and status as a global fashion hub. Studying in both cities allows you to absorb the diverse facets of the European fashion landscape, providing a well-rounded understanding of the industry.